Turbotax Debit Card Refund Review

turbotax prepaid card

Once it’s set up, direct deposit usually takes two pay cycles to begin, but timing can vary across employers. Please check with your employer for specific timing. 4Direct deposit is subject to the payor’s support of this feature. Funds deposited via direct deposit will generally be available on the day we receive the funds transfer. You may review activity on your periodic statements or transaction history on , or call Customer Service at to verify receipt. We reserve the right to accept, reject or limit transfers via direct deposit in our sole discretion.

Just keep in mind that you could wait significantly longer for your refund to arrive if you choose this option. Prepaid debit cards offer more flexibility.

That’s a sign, the company said, that the cash went to a type of H&R Block account that the Kansas City-based company sets up for customers who opted to have their tax-prep fees deducted from their tax refund. Credit Karma Money™ is a new money experience from the platform already helping more than 100 million Americans make financial progress. Free of hidden fees, Credit Karma Money Spend allows members who set up direct deposit to unlock up to two-day early access2 to their money to smooth out their cash flow. Members can also instantly get their debit card added to their digital wallets to use it right away, instead of waiting for a physical card to arrive.

In addition to your bank account information, you will also need to know the amount of your last tax refund. The government is using that information from past tax years, particularly 2018 and 2019, to send the one-time stimulus payments. Consequently, the IRS may not have those individuals’ direct deposit information on file to make the payments. My money was released from the IRS on the February 28. It is now March 1st and this stupid turbo card won’t let me access my funds. Every time I check the card, they keep telling me no money has been deposited from the IRS But the IRS telling me that they deposit the money. Will never do business with them again also I’m telling all my friends and family to stay away from these scam artist.

When you have an account at a bank, they won’t charge you to deposit the check and you can make withdrawals without any transaction fees. According to the proponents of these cards, there are plenty of advantages. First, according to Creditcards.com, you may get your refund up to 10 days sooner than if you wait for the check or direct deposit. Next, you avoid the potential problems that may come with waiting for a check to arrive. If you recently moved, the check could be sent to your old address, further adding to the amount of time you have to wait.

How To Set Up Your Direct Deposit

In accordance with IRS guidelines, you can direct your refund to your card; you cannot direct your refund to someone else’s card ()except for your spouse if it is a joint refund). If we receive a tax refund intended for an individual other than the cardholder, the refund may be rejected and/or your card may be suspended or closed. Enter your direct deposit details on your tax return and for “Type”, put an X in the “Checking” box in the refund section of your tax return.

In this case, the devil is in all the fees for the TurboTax Refund card. The first month you have the TurboTax Visa Refund card, there is no monthly charge. This year, there is no monthly fee for the TurboTax debit card. There are two options for a faster refund. One is a TurboTax Refund Advance, which is really a loan against your income tax refund. This is not like the Rapid Refund scams of years gone by. There are no up-front fees, and there is no interest on the loan.

turbotax prepaid card

We are proud for over 5 yrs that we have been helping to expose prepaid cards that are not consumer friendly and highlight cards that are attractive. One lower fee card option than the Turbo Visa is the new No Fee Chime Visa Debit Card, which can managed entirely from your smartphone and charges no overdraft fees, no monthly service fees and no transfer https://turbo-tax.org/ fees. No minimum balance is required and Chime features over 38,000 fee-free MoneyPass® and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs (there is a map of all fee-free ATM’s in the app). Optional services, features or products, like using photo check deposit, may require additional customer verification and will require your acceptance of applicable terms and conditions.

H&r Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard

It is very much like a gift card with a prepaid amount on it. So should you get your refund on a prepaid debit card? I’m leaning towards no, unless you need the cash right away or don’t have a bank account—but I’m curious about your experiences with prepaid debit tax refunds and whether you’d recommend them. Of course, convenience doesn’t come without a cost and it’s those costs that have some consumer advocates crying foul. Prepaid cards of any type often come with plenty of fees. The normal balance has a $5.95 per month maintenance fee if you have less than $50 on the card, and after your one free ATM withdrawal, each subsequent withdrawal will cost you $2.50. The TaxAct prepaid card has a monthly fee of $2.50, an activation fee of $16.95, and fees for speaking to a customer service agent.

Many major tax-prep companies, including H&R Block, TaxAct, and TurboTax, give you the option of putting your tax refund on a prepaid debit card. These cards are a little more flexible than the Amazon gift card option, in the sense that you can spend your tax refund anywhere that accepts debit, but you’re still locked into spending your tax refund. Treasury said a glitch might prevent the IRS from having people’s bank account information, especially if they receive their tax refund on a prepaid card, like Skelton. So, right out of the gate, let’s clear one thing up.

turbotax prepaid card

The turbo app sucks doesn’t respond constant error please try again!!! On top Certified Public Accountant of that there phone # is unreliable, I recommend no one get this card.

On Turbotax

But it also offers to waive the monthly fee if you add more than $1,000 to the card each month. Like most monthly fee cards, there’s no fee for purchases. Direct deposit your refund to a Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Card and get a bonus $10 added to your card. @DJKLASSIC978 @turbotax @Lone_wolfy122 Exactly why does @turbotax send out an email stating they worked with the irs to update our new bank info “for future issues”.

Can I transfer money from Greendot to cash App?

You currently can’t use a prepaid card on Cash App to add funds to your account. Cash App accepts linked bank accounts and credit or debit cards backed by Visa, American Express, Discover, or MasterCard.

If you don’t know your account login information, call for assistance. You can also request a check for the money on your Turbo Visa Debit Card by calling Green Dot at and speaking to a customer service specialist.


We’ll send you an email when your refund arrives. Get your tax refund1 quickly2 by having it transferred straight into your account at PayPal – with no cost. Enjoy the convenience and security of the PayPal Cash Mastercard® to spend or withdraw your assets = liabilities + equity refund. Get your tax refund faster than the speed of a paper check. Rejected deposits are likely to be reissued as paper checks, although the IRS may also instruct taxpayers to file their 2020 tax return to claim their payment, the person said.

Transactions at non-MoneyPass ATMS have a $2.50 ATM Domestic and International Withdrawal Fee. No fee for MoneyPass ATM Withdrawals in the U.S. Foreign Transaction Fee applies for International ATM Withdrawals. Input both numbers into your tax form where designated, and be sure to select “checking” as the account type. Get Direct Deposit DetailsPayPal Cash Plus account required to get the card, and use Direct Deposit feature. One of the sources said the IRS used old information for millions of accounts that are thought to be closed or inactive.

  • The Turbo Prepaid Visa Card is usually delivered 5-10 business … can get anyone on the phone except to cancel the card and order a new one.
  • Using an ATM withdrawal to get cash from your TurboTax card is free, but only if you use an in-network ATM.
  • I have a Starbucks card that works just like this, only it doesn’t have the sneaky fees that push this card from being a legit card to being very close to being a scam.
  • If you have already filed, you will not be able to go back to select it.
  • If you are receiving your tax refund on your Turbo Visa, you can track it only by visiting irs.gov/refunds or calling the IRS Refund Hotline at .

Now when I call they say the card was returned to them. Im going to wait til the end of this week and call again so they can send me a 3rd card. Yea getting someone you can understand isnt going to happen and then they dont understand you either very frustrating. They only send it to a bank if you give them the info. If you didn’t give them banking info, be very careful that you aren’t looking at a scam email trying to get your bank info in order to “fix” your issue. Log directly onto TurboTax and check your status.

Online Services That Are Fast, Easy, And Secure

Money available on your card typically within ten minutes. “We understand that some legitimate customers are being caught up in this process and will continue to work with them to resolve issues,” Gatlin wrote. According to Gatlin, Intuit is providing these customers with “very specific” instructions to provide the necessary documentation to remove the block. However, customers maintain that the security block remains in place even after providing the required paperwork. card, which TaxAct offers, lets you make as many free reloads as you want but charges a $6.95 monthly fee .

Can you overdraft a TurboTax card at ATM?

Yes. The Turbo Prepaid Card’s website states “In certain instances, because of the way transactions are processed, your transaction could have gone through even though you did not have enough money on your card. As a result, your balance would be negative.

This played a major role in securing this lucrative new business relationship for Green Dot. The Turbo prepaid card offers Turbotax customers a modern and easy way to manage their debit card with personalized web and mobile experiences. When the money didn’t show up, Skelton went to irs.gov and clicked on the Get My Payment link to enter her bank account number for direct deposit. The Turbo Prepaid Card is available only to TurboTax users and only within the software. So, you essentially have to elect to receive your tax refund on the card to get it. While unusual, it’s somewhat like prepaid cards offered by tax preparers.

Our editors have been covering the credit and debit card space for a total of 30+ years and we are proud to have been featured by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, etc. “I chose to receive my refund of over $6,000 to a TurboTax card so that I would have a card to pay for my wedding expenses since I do not have credit cards,” explained Wendy of Chula Vista, Calif. Seven weeks after filing, she was still waiting to receive the card due to a security block. “They need to get out there as soon as possible to put the direct deposit information in there,” Plummer said. “And if it doesn’t allow them to do that it may be because their check has already been processed.” Unlike most prepaid cards, the Turbo Prepaid Card doesn’t include a daily ATM limit in its cardholder agreement. But the card issuer reserves the right to set that limit. That means the ATM limit is undisclosed–not something we’re fond of at PrepaidCards123.

$500 put on the TurboTax Visa debit card right away. The most important TurboTax card trick is that your whole refund will be deposited onto your TurboTax card even though you will only get up to 50% in advance. If you are getting a $1,200 refund, the maximum refund advance amount is $500. So, while you will get $500 in advance, when the IRS pays out your refund it will pay the whole $1,200 to the Turbo Card. TurboTax will then deduct the $500 advance.

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